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Paulette's undeserved birthday page


P's page

this page will stay here till you tell me you've seen it

I think what your doing is terible (coming all the way down here & not seeing me, again!) but obviosly you've made your mind up & intentionaly hurting me is your way of showing how much you care then you must care a lot!!

I still love you (as I'm trying not to hate you) & do wish you a happy birthday, with or without me. But I'm finding it hard to still be here for you when you take every thing & expect more yet give nothing.
Since I have no bills or responsibilitys?!?! you probably think I will just forget this & come & see you as soon as you're done beeing stupid (very stupid) but this is not the case, I will not be coming to see you any more till you take the time & efort to come see me, no mater what might or might not become of your visit.